The life story of Kristina Vogel (born 1990 in Leninskoje) is marked by ascents, setbacks and the unshakeable will to get the best out of herself and her situation.

The 11-time world champion began her successful career on the track bike in 2005. Four years later Vogel suffered her first severe setback in a serious traffic accident with several broken bones. But the girl from Erfurt fought her way back to the top and even won the gold medals at the Olympic Games in 2012 and 2016.

The list of successes and records became longer and longer, nothing seemed to stop the track cyclist from becoming the best of all time - and then in 2018 it came to a fateful crash in a collision with another junior rider.

Since this accident Kristina Vogel is paraplegic and realigns her life. Her unbroken courage for life, reflected in her social commitment and encouraging speeches, is an inspiration for all of us.

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